Legislative Briefs

These documents were prepared as "leave behind" handouts, to remind legislators what was discussed during Capitol Hill meetings.

Restricting the ability of physicians to prepare allergen extracts in their offices (2016)

Support Expansion of the Medicare telehealth Benefit (2016)

SUPPORT H.R. 4662 – School-Based Asthma Management Program Act (2016)

What is an allergist and immunologist? (2015)

Patient access to specialty care – allergy/asthma (2015)

Narrow network adequacy methods (2015)

Graduate Medical Education (GME) and allergy and immunology workforce (2015)

Network Analysis - California (2015)

Asthma management and the allergist: Better outcomes at lower cost (2015)

Are you prepared for the new Narrow (Provider) Networks paradigm? (May 2014)

Graduate Medical Education (GME) and Allergy and Immunology Workforce (May 2014)

Patient Access to Specialty Care – Allergy/Asthma (May 2014)

What is an Allergist and Immunologist? (May 2014)

Respiratory Allergies: An American Epidemic (May 2013)

Independent Payment Advisory Board (May 2013)

Graduate Medical Education (GME) and Allergy & Immunology Workforce (May 2013)

FDA Proposal to Move Asthma Drugs from Prescription to OTC Status (May 2012)

Repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) (May 2012)

State of the Specialty Practice of Allergy and Immunology and the Impact of Patients with Asthma & Allergies in 2012 (May 2012)

Medicare Physician Payments (2009)

Alternative Medicare Payment Options for Physicians (2009)

Family Asthma Act Summary (S 1489 and HR 4166) (2009)

Family Asthma Act (S 1489) (2009)

Family Asthma Act (HR 4166) (2009)

Workforce Issues and Graduate Medical Education (2007)